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The Monster Tri

And my triathlon season is officially over.  I decided to sign up for one last triathlon, even though I ran Chicago two weeks ago and Redman two weeks before that.  I figured this was a spring tri so I didn’t have to worry too much.  I figured I could run 3.1 miles with whatever sort of pain my legs brought on 🙂  This also added agreeable symmetry since my first tri was the St. Patty’s tri on the same course.  I was looking forward to seeing how my times compared after a season of racing (excepting my race related fatigue and injuries).


The swim started out great.  I hadn’t been in the water since Redman, but that meant my shoulder felt great.  The first 100 meters were good, but at the turn I had a coughing fit and slowed down drastically.  I still felt alright, but I slowed down.  I came out of the water at 7:05, which was about a minute slower than I had anticipated, but 30 seconds faster than the spring race.


The bike course was a two loop, 12 mile course.  It felt so short compared to my last race that I didn’t even feel like I got into a rhythm.  I actually felt my IT Band a little on the bike, but was able to push.  There were some nice hills on which you could build up some speed.  Even with that, though, I wasn’t able to break 17 mph, which was a little frustrating.  I wasn’t really racing for speed, but I was hoping for a little faster.  I came into T2 right at 45 minutes.


This was actually my favorite part of this race.  I didn’t know how my legs would feel on the run, but other than a little residual pain, they felt pretty good.  I mean, I felt the IT Band still, but I was able to run through the pain.  I didn’t have my watch so I didn’t know how fast I was running, but didn’t care.  I just ran.  I passed quite a few people that passed me on the bike, which is always one of the greatest feelings.  As I crossed the finish line, I knew I was around 1:20 for the race, but didn’t know about my run time.  When I saw the sheet, I saw that I had run a 26:00 5K with 8:30 miles.  Not too bad for a guy who ran a marathon two weeks before 🙂

Total Time: 1:21

So I beat my spring time by 5 minutes.  Not too bad for one season.  I’m excited to see what happens after a strong offseason program and time to heal.  I’ll run St. Patty’s again and see how my time compares and then go from there.  It was a great season.  I learned a lot and am excited to go on and learn more about how to be a great racer!

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