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PlayTri Olympic Distance Triathlon

This was the second Olympic Race I did in preparation for IM L’Ville.  Texas in June is a hot situation, no matter how you cut it.  Yesterday lived up to that.  I had a late night Saturday night, which seems to be pretty normal even when I try to get to bed early.  I woke up before the race seriously considering pulling a no show.  I dragged myself out of bed, though, got up, went through my pre-race rituals, and headed to Las Colinas to race!


I have to say this was the worst swim of my young triathlon career.  The water was crazy hot.  It felt like swimming in a bath tub.  The tiredness from the night before didn’t help either, and the cumulative effect was that it felt like swimming through jello.  I muddled through it, knowing that any ground I lost I could make up in the bike and the run.  I finished in 40 minutes, 10 minutes slower than TexasMan.  It was a little discouraging, but I had my two strongest legs in front of me so I knew I could still put together a decent race.


The bike course was good.  It was fast and flat (again not atypical for a Texas race). I actually had the best bike leg I’ve had so far.  I was averaging about 20 mph, which is a solid 2 miles an hour fast than my average for a 26 mile ride.  I was very happy.  It was vindication to pass several people who I saw pass me in the swim.  I came in with a 1:35, with which I was very happy.


This was the hottest part of the race by far.  There had been cloud cover during the bike, which alleviated the heat just a little.  Unfortunately, the mid morning saw the clouds burn off and the heat really take hold.  The run was a two loop course and maybe the first mile was in moderate shade.  After that it was all sun, all the time!

The run went well.  I wasn’t pushing too hard but was still able to keep up a decent pace.  The first loop I ran the whole way and switched to walking the aid stations during the second loop.  I finished right at an hour, which isn’t horrible for a 10K, but I have a faster race in me.

It’s funny thinking about the 10K as a race run when in two months I will run a marathon after biking.  I can’t wait!

Total time: 3:15

Other than the swim, I enjoyed this race, and the swim sucked only because I was tired.  The course as a whole was great, and the volunteers and organizers were very approachable and helpful.  It was nice that the race was in Las Colinas, which is a little closer to me than some of the other races in the area.  Depending on my race schedule next year, I will probably do this race again.  Play Tri is a great group of athletes and they put on a good race.  Hopefully I will be able to participate in their races more in the future!

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