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TexasMan Olympic Triathlon

This was my first Olympic Distance Triathlon. There’s a chance that I didn’t actually do these in the proper order, but what can I say, I’m not one to do things by the book 🙂

This race was held at Lake Ray Roberts up near Denton in Texas. The big thing about this race was that it would be my first open water race that wasn’t wetsuit legal.  Since the swim is still the weakest part of my game, I was a little worried. The day proved to be hot, which wasn’t particularly surprising given that it is late May in Texas.


Not only was this a non-wetsuit race, but it was a beach start.  This was going to make it a double first for me as a triathlete, but I was willing to take the challenge. There was some confusion on the start for the half-iron distance, with some of the field going off with the physically challenged racers.  I never heard if this affected the results, but had I been an elite racer or trying to qualify with this race, I would not have been very happy.

The Olympic distance was the second wave to start.  I rumbled my wave off the beach and into the water, still curious as to how not wearing a wetsuit would affect my time. Once again I got in my rhythm (which I am now seeing I may need to work on since it’s not a particularly fast rhythm – I think I can push a little more).  We swam into the sun, which made sighting difficult.  I had difficulties sighting at Lonestar, which I think added about 5 minutes to my swim. Fortunately this swim was clockwise, so it lent itself to my rightward drift.  The swim seemed to go by really fast, even though I was certainly in the last third of the racers coming out of the water.  My time was almost exactly 30 minutes, which I was pretty happy with.


I knew this was just a tune up race.  I have IM Louisville coming in a couple months and I just wanted to get more of a feel for racing.  I’m glad that this was my attitude going in, because the bike was almost a disaster.  I was flying out of T1.  I felt good, the weather wasn’t horribly hot yet, and there was no wind.  Then, about 5 miles out of on the bike the worst thing happened; I got a flat!  I felt the back end of the bike fish tailing, and couldn’t figure out what was going on.  After a couple minutes of it I decided to stop and check.  Sure enough, I was flat.  I had never changed a flat in a race (and had only changed a flat a few times ever), so I lost some good time changing my tire.  I spent a good 15-20 minutes changing the flat, which killed any chance of a great race for me.  The rest of the bike went uneventfully, I was able to keep my pace up and the weather remained calm.  I rolled in to T2 after about 2:15 on the bike.


Once again the knowledge that my race was just a test balloon saved me.  I went out on the run too fast again, but I reigned myself in after about a mile.  I ran to the aid stations and walked through them, working on hydrating and nutrition (something I’m a little worried about since I’m not so good at my nutrition on the bike).  It was a good run.  It wasn’t a PR for the 10K, but it wasn’t bad.  I finished in about 1:04, about 15 minutes slower than my normal 10K.  I was happy.

This was a fun race. Other than the issues at the half iron start, I thought it was well run.  The course was fair and moderately challenging, but not too tough.  I will probably do this race again next year, as I will want to see any gains I’ve made.

Total Time: 3:26

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