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30/30 – Day 5 – Camp Gladiator

One of my regrets since I started training for triathlons has been the neglect of my strength training.  I completed the P90X program back at the end of 2009 and since then I haven’t really done much of any real strength training.  That changed about a month ago.

While at the Rock & Roll Dallas expo, I was accosted by a woman talking about some boot camp called Camp Gladiator.  I couldn’t help but chuckle at the name (which evoked images of Russell Crowe fighting the Emperor Comitus and saving the Republic), but listened as she told me about this boot camp started by a former American Gladiator champion (thus the name).  I politely explained that I was a law student, an aspiring triathlete, and I work 35 hours a week and didn’t have time to add one more thing to my training plan, no matter how much I wanted.  She told me she had been a law student, participates in triathlons, and that I needed to put the books down and come try it out.  So I put my name down in the hopes of winning a free camp thinking, what do I have to lose, and went about my business.

A couple days later, the same woman started following me on Twitter.  We started interacting and she asked if I was going to make it to a camp.  As it happened, I had been looking at the Camp Gladiator website (one of the better designed and maintained sites I’ve seen for an organization like this) and said I was trying to figure out how to fit it in (thinking this would be a great chance to get some strength training and some speed work in my week).  She told me I had won one of the free camps and the decision was made fore me.

As with yoga, I am only able to make it to two or three workouts a week, but they have been great.  Tuesdays are the speed/plyo/cardio days, which bring back memories of my off season training for football.  There are a lot of speed drills and lower body exercises coupled with a mean ab work out.  Thursdays are the weight days, where we use light weights with deadly efficiency.  The trainers are challenging without being overbearing and refuse to let you quit. They mix up the workouts, so no two days are the same.  Someone recently asked me if the workouts were worth it.  I told them if they weren’t worth it or if I felt I wasn’t being pushed to my limit, I wouldn’t go back.

I still have to laugh a little at myself.  While the thought of a boot camp always intrigued me, I didn’t think I’d ever go to one let alone enjoy it so much.  They say at the end of each camp that you could have gone to the gym, but you wouldn’t have worked as hard, which is entirely true.  Were I to go to a gym (or even just do a speed running workout), I wouldn’t push myself the same way they do.  I wouldn’t mix up my routine as much as they do.  As a result, I have already seen marked improvements in both my biking and running, so much so that I PR’d my half marathon time by 5 minutes at a training camp two weeks ago on a course hillier than any I’ve run before.  I may have been nominally skeptical, but I will be participating in Camp Gladiator at least until IM L’Ville as an integral part of my training.  As a side note, there is also an aquatic bootcamp that is run by one of teh CG trainers, I’d love to participate in that as well.

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