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Run for Haiti

Sometimes an idea hits you that makes your whole body itch.  It sits in your brain and makes your head feel like it’s about to explode.  I had one of those today.

As I was sitting at work seeing the crawl of updates on Haiti and the pleas for help, I thought about me and those like me who swim, bike, and run.  Many of us run for a reason.  Actually, all of us run for a reason.  Many of us have placed a burden on ourselves in our running to help others.  I run for Team in Training to help cure Leukemia and Lymphoma.  A friend of mine runs to help the homeless.  We run to save lives, even if sometimes it’s just our own.

Now we are faced with another tragedy, the earthquake in Haiti.  We are also faced with an unbelievable chance to help, to show our strength as a people.  We have this community together, through blogs, through facebook, through twitter.  We are brought together through fate, providence, or sheer dumb luck in a place and a time where we can contribute and help a country that is on the precipice of complete and utter failure.

Here’s my proposal.  We are going to run.  I already have a long run planned on Saturday morning.  I’m sure many if not most of you do as well.  Let’s run together! Wherever you are, get a group and run!

Use twitter.  Use Facebook.  Use Luke’s Locker, RunOn!, or whatever running/sports stores you can.  Spread the word! Bring money, however much you can.  Call the Red Cross or another charitable organization and have them send someone out to collect the money and make sure it gets to Haiti.

For Dallas, let’s meet at TeePee Hill at White Rock Lake at 8:30 am.  For those of you elsewhere, find a common running spot and meet there.

I’ll be there, even if I’m standing there alone 🙂  There won’t be age groups, no distances, no t-shirts, just us running at whatever pace we go.  As another person said “yi bu, yi bu.”

Maybe this falls on its face.  Maybe I am standing there with just me and my TNT friends.

But maybe, just maybe, some of you show up.  Maybe we show a little more of the positive power that this interweb thing can produce.

I always have been a big dreamer!

See you Saturday!

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