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Heading to L’Ville

Well, when I started this journey, I intended on completing the Lake Placid Ironman in 2011 in conjunction with graduating law school and (hopefully) passing the bar.  While that is still a goal, I’ve been reassessing my goals.  I realized that my acceleration of law school to graduate in three years instead of four and studying for the bar might make it difficult to put in the hours to train for a full ironman.

As my motto is generally “go big or go home,” I have decided to accelerate my timetable for completing a full ironman!  I have registered for the Louisville Ironman on August 29, 2010.  I realize this is a pretty big step and at the point when I compete in the race I will have only done one half Ironman (Lonestar), but like I said, “go big or go home!” 🙂

I’m pretty pumped about Louisville.  Thanks to the facebook page for the Louisville IM, I have seen the course and listened as a former winner described the challenges and strategies.  I have found my energy and determination renewed during my past few workouts as I now have another tangible goal to work toward.

Of course this doesn’t change the immediate goal or training for Lonestar, but it becomes a part of a larger picture.  Additionally, the coaching I’m receiving from the fantastic coaches with TNT and the purpose for which I’m racing ensure that I will have a great base from which I can continue my training after April 25.

Days to Lonestar (April 25) – 108

Days to Louisville (Aug. 29) – 233

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