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Part of the Team

Since I have started running, I have been setting goals for myself.  This initially led me to signing up for half marathons (the first of which was last weekend).

After a few more weeks, I realized I wanted something more.  I had heard of ironman triathlons before, and just had a friend compete in Arizona, so I thought triathlons and ultimately and ironman would be a good goal.

There was one problem, I’ve never really biked or swam.  I decided that it would probably be a good idea to have some training, but didn’t know where I would find that.

I remembered a friend who had been a part of Team in Training, and I loved that she was able to run the races and raise money for such a worth cause.  I looked them up online and saw that there was a half ironman that was on her spring schedule.  It was perfect, so I sent in my paperwork and now I am part of the Team!

Needless to say I’m pretty excited.  I could spend the money on the entry fee and compete in the race, and I’d be fine (other than being in a little pain from the race).  What I love is that the money is going toward beating leukemia and lymphoma.

I have a page (which is linked on the side too).  If you read this (if there are any of you who read this :)) and would like to give to my race and to fighting these diseases, it’d be great!

Now, along with posting about law school and the general training, I will also update on my experiences with TNT!

Look for posts in the next couple of days about the end of the law school semester and my first bike and swim experiences!

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