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Final Numero Uno

I have a final tonight. ARRRGH!

The primary difference between year two of law school and year one has to be a lower degree of urgency in studying. I just don’t have that same sense of fear as I did last year. Leading up to my first final last year (and every final thereafter) I lived in the library. I watched no TV and really didn’t do anything but study. Now? I’m sitting here at home blogging and getting ready to work out before going up and printing off my outline and other approved documents to take into the test.

Speaking of working out, yesterday was brutal. Our highs were in the 30s and it was raining here in Dallas. I hated doing it, but I ran inside for only the second time since I’ve started running regularly. The first time was on a treadmill. Treadmills are my least favorite place to run. While I like that I can keep the speed constant, it’s just about the most boring run ever. I love being outside and having different scenery as I run. Yesterday’s run was on the track at the school’s sports center. I like that marginally better than a treadmill only because instead of being in one spot you are moving, even if it is in a never ending circle. I made it through the run though. It just showed me I need to invest in outdoor, cold weather running gear.

Today I start phase 3 of my P90X program. I have enjoyed the program this go ’round. Five more weeks and I’m done with it. I have missed a couple of workouts and supplemented with runs and other activities at times, but I can definitely see a difference. We’ll see how Insanity treats me after having done 90 days of this workout. I hear that’s even tougher a workout.

Alright, enough stalling. I do need to get to work so I can get up to the library and finish prepping. Only twelve days until relative freedom!


Why is the Chest and Back such a hard workout?! I can’t ever get through it without feeling like I’m about to pass out! That’s two sub-par workouts in two days. I’ve got to get my head right before the White Rock Half on Sunday!

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  1. January 29, 2010 at 3:44 pm

    hey there, saw you on twitter & did a little skimming on past posts. My husband and I have insanity and love it, although I have to say it makes me cry. that’s mostly because I have no core or upper body strength at all. I need to get back to it since I have been focusing on running, but I have to say I’m a little intimidated by it. Definitely a workout there.

    looking forward to reading about your upcoming races & workouts.

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