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Finals Season

Law School finals are a bear. Actually, I normally use another word, but I don’t know the blogging rules here. I’ve been studying pretty much all the time for the past few days (with the exception of blogging and other avoidance techniques). My first final is Monday, so I’m running out of time to avoid anything without serious GPA repercussions.

Among the things I hate the most about finals time each semester is the effect it has on my daily habits. As I previously stated, last year those habits weren’t particularly healthy, but they were still disrupted. This year, being a more healthy human, I like it even less. I was able to get a back and arms workout in yesterday morning before starting my studying, but today I have been in front of a computer for 10 hours and didn’t even get outside, let alone get in a run or a workout. Now that I’m actually doing those things on a regular basis, I really hate not doing something active every day. Not only do I feel more listless and not as sharp mentally, but it also helps me burn off some of the stress of law school. Couple this with the fact that I haven’t had a real run since Wednesday (even though I played a couple of flag football games) and I have a half marathon a week from tomorrow, and I’m really missing the regularity of the non-final times in my life.

Despite all that (and the fact I’m not completely ready for Monday’s final) I am running 10 in the morning. I have to or else I don’t know what will happen next Sunday in the White Rock Half.

Well, wish me luck on Monday. We’ll see how it goes.

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