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Another Blog?

So I decided to take up blogging again. I always figured that what I had to say wasn’t worth clogging up the internet with one more voice. I don’t know that has changed, but I figure that this will give me just a little more accountability.

Why now? Two reasons.

First, I am almost half way through my law school career. Second, I am in the process of working up to completing an ironman triathlon. This is going to be a simple forum where I can express the agonies of both endeavors and see which one is harder.
The culmination of the two will occur close to one another. I plan on taking the Bar exam in July of 2011. I hope to complete an ironman sometime shortly thereafter (with the most likely option at this point being the Arizona Ironman, but we’ll see).
So that’s what’s in store. I will run races before then, including a couple of half ironmans, marathons, and others.

Am I insane? Probably.

Is it going to hurt? Yup. But there is a quote from Aeschylus, “there is an advantage to wisdom won from pain.” Or something along those lines.

We’ll see.


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